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Hour of Mercy: 3:00 p.m

Daily Reflections, supplications and prayers

Thursday, September 22, 2022.

1. Reflection:

On Friday at ten minutes to six, when I and some of our wards38 were coming in from the garden to supper, I saw the Lord Jesus above our chapel, looking just as He did the first time I saw Him and just as He is painted in the image. The two rays which emanated from the Heart of Jesus covered our chapel and the infirmary, and then the whole city, and spread out over the whole world. This lasted about four minutes and disappeared. One of the girls, who was walking with me a little behind the others, also saw these rays, but she did not see Jesus, and she did not know from where these rays were emanating. She was overwhelmed and told the other girls. They began to laugh at her, suggesting that she was imagining things or that perhaps it was light reflected by a passing airplane. But she persisted in her conviction, saying that never had she seen such rays before. When the others suggested that it might have been a searchlight, she replied that she knew very well what a searchlight was like, but never had she seen rays such as these.

After supper the girl approached me and told me she had been so moved by these rays that she could not keep silent, but wanted to tell everyone about them. Yet she had not seen Jesus. She kept telling me about these rays, and this put me in an awkward situation, as I could not tell her that I had seen the Lord Jesus. I prayed for her, asking the Lord to give her those graces of which she had such need. My heart rejoiced in the fact that Jesus takes the initiative to make Himself known, even though the occasion of such action on His part causes me annoyance. For Jesus, one car bear anything (Saint María Faustina Kowalska, Divine Mercy in My Soul, Diary, 87).

2. Supplications:

  • Let us ask for the Grace to find our refuge in the Merciful Heart of JESUS.
  • Let us pray for those who falsely accuse and speak unjustly badly,about others, so that they experience the fear of God in their hearts.
  • Let us ask the Lord to have commiseration of our suffering humanity and for  the end  of the spread of COVID-19 throughout the world,
  • For the souls in purgatory,
  • For our suffering humanity and for our personal intentions.

 3. Resolutions of the day:

Find the meaning of my life in the LORD. 

4. Final Prayer: 

Oh my JESUS, guide my mind, take absolute possession of my whole being; lock me up in the depths of Your hearts and protect me from the assault of the enemy. In You is all my hope. Speak through my mouth when I, absolute misery, am with the powerful and the wise so that they recognize that this cause is Yours and it comes from You. Oh My Good Merciful Jesus, King of Mercy, I trust in You, and only in you I Hope. Amen. Jesus I Trust in You 

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«There is no soul which is not bound to pray, for every single grace comes to the soul through prayer»  (Diary 146).

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