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Hour of Mercy: 3:00 p.m

Daily Reflections, supplications and prayers

Monday, August 15, 2022

1. Reflection:

When I tried to run away from these interior inspirations, God said to me that on the Day of Judgment He would demand of me a great number of souls.
Once, exhausted because of these various difficulties that had befallen me because of what Jesus had said to me and what He had demanded of me for the painting of this image, I made up my mind to approach Father Andrasz31 before my perpetual vows, and to ask him to dispense me from all these interior inspirations and from the duty of painting this image. After having heard my confession, Father Andrasz gave me this answer: “I will dispense you from nothing, Sister; it is not right for you to turn away from these interior inspirations, but you must absolutely – and I say, absolutely – speak about them to your confessor; otherwise you will go astray despite the great graces you are receiving from God.
For the present you are coming to me for confession, but understand, Sister, that you must have a permanent confessor; that is to say, a spiritual director.” (Saint María Faustina Kowalska, Divine Mercy in My Soul, Diary, 52).

2. Supplications:

  • Let us ask the Lord for the Grace to have a good Spiritual Director.
  • Let us pray for all the priests who carry out their apostolate in countries in conflict.
  • Let us ask the Lord to have commiseration of our suffering humanity and for  the end  of the spread of COVID-19 throughout the world,
  • For the souls in purgatory,
  • For our suffering humanity and for our personal intentions.

 3. Resolutions of the day:

Seek a moment of intimacy with the Lord in my heart.

4. Final Prayer: 

Oh my JESUS, only You know the longings and sufferings of my heart. I am glad I can suffer even a little for You.
When I feel that suffering exceeds my strength, then I take refuge in the Lord in the Blessed Sacrament and a deep silence is my prayer to the Lord. Oh My Good Merciful Jesus, King of Mercy, I trust in You, and only in you I Hope. Amen. Jesus I Trust in You (Cf. Diary, 73).

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«There is no soul which is not bound to pray, for every single grace comes to the soul through prayer»  (Diary 146).

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