Daily Reflections, Supplications and Prayer

 Thursday, June 29, 2023


“May the souls who tend to perfection especially adore My Mercy, because the abundance of Graces that I grant them comes from My Mercy. I want these souls to be distinguished by limitless trust in My Mercy. I Myself take care of the sanctification of these souls; I will give them everything that is necessary for their holiness. The Graces of My Mercy are taken with a single container, and this is trust. The more a soul trusts, the more it will receive. The souls that trust without limits are My great consolation, because in such souls I pour all the treasures of My Graces. I am glad that they ask for a lot, because My desire is to give a lot, a lot. I am sad, on the other hand, if the souls ask for little, they narrow their hearts”. “(149) + I suffer a lot when I encounter hypocrisy. Now I understand, my Savior, why you rebuked the Pharisees so severely for their hypocrisy. You treated inveterate sinners with more benevolence when they returned to You repentant…”. (Saint Maria Faustina Kowalska, The Divine Mercy in my soul, Diary, 1578-1579).


– Let us ask the Lord to increase our faith and help us to have a humble faith.

– Let us pray for the sick who have lost hope and for the prisoners.

– For our suffering humanity.

– For the souls in Purgatory.

– For the intentions of the Virgin Mary.

– For our Holy Catholic Church.

– For our personal intentions.


– Glorify the LORD with my life.

– Pray the Chaplet to the Divine Mercy.

– Respect the Hour of Mercy.

– Try to do at least one work of Mercy throughout the day.


“Oh inconceivable goodness of GOD who protects us at every step. Be incessant glory to Your Mercy for having fraternized you not with angels but with men. This is a miracle of the unfathomable mystery of your Mercy. All our trust is in you, our firstborn brother, JESUS CHRIST, true GOD, and true man…”. Oh my good merciful JESUS, King of Mercy, I trust in You and only in You I hope. Amen. JESUS ​​I TRUST IN YOU!(cf. Diary, 1584).





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