Daily Reflections, Supplications and Prayers

Translator SPANISH-ENGLISH: Mrs. Mari Campos-Waite

Sunday, November 19, 2023



“(100) + A terrible darkness falls again on my soul. It seems to me that I am under the influence of illusions. When I went to confession to obtain light and serenity, I did not find them. The confessor [110] created in me even more doubts than I had before. He said to me: I cannot understand what power is at work in you, sister, perhaps GOD or perhaps the evil spirit. As I walked away from the confessional, I began to consider his words. The more I contemplated them, the more my soul sank. in the darkness. What to do, JESUS? When JESUS approached me kindly, I was afraid. Are you truly, JESUS? On the one hand I am attracted by love, on the other by fear. What torment, I do not know how to describe it.

When I went to confess again, I received the answer: I do not understand you, sister, it is better that you do not confess to me. My GOD, I have to do so much violence to myself before saying anything about my inner life and here is the response I get: I do not understand it!

When I left the confessional I was assaulted by innumerable torments. I went before the Blessed Sacrament and said: JESUS, save me. You see that I am weak. Then listen to these words: During the spiritual exercises, before the final vows, I will give you help…

My daughter, stay calm, I take care of all matters. I Myself will resolve them with the Superiors and with the confessor. Speak with Father Andrasz with the same simplicity and confidence with which you speak with Me.” (Saint Mary Faustina Kowalska, The divine Mercy in my soul, Diary, 211,212,213, 215).



– Let us ask for the Grace to deliver all our doubts, difficulties, and miseries into the hands of the LORD so that He can teach us the path we must follow.

– Let us ask for the Grace of knowing how to listen the response of the LORD in our hearts with humility.

– Let us ask the LORD for the Grace of leading a simple life, always acting with obedience and serenity.

– Let us pray for those who offend the LORD and reject His grace.

– For our suffering humanity.

– For the souls in Purgatory.

– For the intentions of the Virgin Mary.

– For our Holy Catholic Church.

– For our personal intentions.



– Always to resolve my doubts with the LORD.

– Pray the Meditated Divine Mercy Chaplet pdf.

– Respect the Hour of Mercy.

– Try to carry out at least one work of Mercy throughout the day.



“Oh my JESUS, delight of my heart, You know my desires. I would like to hide myself from human eyes, living as if I did not live. I want to live pure as a field flower; I want my love to be always directed towards You, as the flower that always turns towards the sun. I wish that the perfume and freshness of the flower of my heart are always kept exclusively for You. I want to live under Your Divine gaze, since You alone are enough for me. When I am with You, oh JESUS, I am not afraid of anything, because nothing can harm me”. (Diary 306).

Oh My Good Merciful JESUS, King of Mercy, I trust in You and only in You I hope. Amen. JESUS ​​I TRUST IN YOU!




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