Daily Reflections, Supplications and Prayer

Sunday, July 16, 2023


“When I went with the students [67] to the orchard to have dinner, it was ten to six, I saw the LORD JESUS above our Chapel in the same appearance as when I had seen him for the first time. Just as he is painted in this image. Those two rays that came out of the Heart of JESUS, engulfed our Chapel and the Nursing and then the whole city and spread over the entire world. That was perhaps about four minutes, and they disappeared. One of the young women who was next to me, a little behind the others, she also saw those rays, but she did not see JESUS or see where those rays were coming from. She was very impressed and told [it] to other girls. The girls started laughing at her [saying] that it was a hallucination or perhaps the light of an airplane, but she was strongly stubborn in her opinion and said that she had never seen such rays in her life. When the girls reproached her that perhaps it was a reflector, she replied that she knew the light of the reflector.  Rays like those she had never seen before. After dinner that girl turned to me and told me that those rays had impressed her so much that she could not calm down; she would have continually talked about it, yet she did not see the LORD JESUS. And she reminded me of those rays without ceasing, thus putting me in some difficulty, since I could not tell him that I had seen the LORD JESUS. I prayed for that dear soul asking that the LORD grant her the Graces that she needed so much. My heart rejoiced because JESUS Himself makes Himself known in His work. Although for this reason I had great displeasures, nonetheless, for JESUS one can bear everything”. (Saint Maria Faustina Kowalska, The Divine Mercy in my soul, Diary, 87).


– Let us ask for the Grace to find our refuge in the Merciful Heart of JESUS.

– Let us pray for those who falsely accuse and unfairly speak ill of others, so that they experience the fear of GOD in their hearts.

– For our suffering humanity,

– For the souls in Purgatory,

– For the intentions of the Virgin Mary,

– For our Holy Catholic Church,

– For our personal intentions.


– Find the meaning of my life in the LORD.

– Pray the Chaplet to Divine Mercy.

– Respect the Hour of Mercy

– Try to carry out at least one work of Mercy throughout the day.


“My JESUS, guide my mind, take absolute possession of my entire being, enclose me in the depths of Your Heart and protect me from the assault of the enemy. In You all my hope. Speak through my mouth when I, absolute misery, am with the powerful and the wise so that they recognize that this cause is Yours and comes from You”. Oh my good Merciful JESUS, King of Mercy, I trust in You and only in You I hope. Amen. JESUS ​​I TRUST IN YOU! (Diary, 87).




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