Hour of Mercy: 3:00 p.m

Daily Reflections, supplications and prayers

Sunday, March 03, 2024

1. Reflection:

(106) +At the beginning of the retreat, Jesus told me, During this retreat, I Myself will direct your soul. I want to confirm you in peace and love.  And so, the first few days passed by. On the fourth day, doubts began to trouble me; Is not this tranquility of mine false?  Then I heard these words, My daughter, imagine that you are the sovereign of all the world and have the power to dispose of all things according to your good pleasure. You have the power to do all the good you want, and suddenly a little child knocks on your door, and trembling and in tears and, trusting in your kindness, asks for a piece of bread lest he die of starvation.  What would you do for this child?  Answer Me, my daughter. And I said, “Jesus, I would give the child all it asked and a thousand times more.”  And the Lord said to me, That is how I am treating your soul. In this retreat I am giving you, not only peace, but also such a disposition of soul that even if you wanted to experience uneasiness you could not do so.  My love has taken possession of your soul, and I want you to be confirmed in it. Bring your ear close to My Heart, forget everything else, and meditate upon My wondrous mercy. My love will give you the strength and courage you need in these matters” (Saint María Faustina Kowalska, Divine Mercy in My Soul, Diary, 229)

2. Supplications:

  • Let us pray for all the people who have asked us for prayer,

    Let us ask the Lord to increase our faith and trust in him,
  • For the intentions of Virgin Mary,
  • For the souls in purgatory,
  • For our suffering humanity and for our personal intentions.

 3. Resolutions of the day:

4. Final Prayer: 

O my God, my only hope, I have placed all my trust in You, and I know I shall not be disappointed. Oh My Good Merciful Jesus, King of Mercy, I trust in You, and only in you I Hope. Amen. Jesus I Trust in You (Cf. Diary, 317).